Enjoy the best of Last-minute deals on tours and hotels in Sri Lanka

With some of the most experienced travel and tour personnel in the industry, the dedicated team of Relax Lanka Tours are passionately committed to giving you the most unforgettable holiday experience, which is of utmost value for the price spent.  Dynamic and enterprising with the best in professionalism, they are on the constant look-out for the best discounts all throughout the year.  Continuously making good use of the strong network of hotels and villa owners, our team demonstrate expert negotiation skills to derive the best deal for the ardent traveler, both during the peak season and the off-peak time periods.

Be prepared to witness the most exclusive offers on accommodation, holiday experiences, and any expedition inland, when traveling with Relax Lanka Tours; be it reduced prices, free nights or a few extra touches, we work hard to find the best value and even customize the package to your liking. Our promise to you is our most competitive pricing which are one of the lowest across the spectrum of the tours available in the paradise island.

With tailor-made tour itineraries and special offers, we ensure that your dream holiday is a living reality. Stay upto-date with our special seasonal promotions and other offers as we make your expedition a splendid one!

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