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Wildlife and Adventure Tours Sri Lanka

Explore the wonder of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the ultimate adventure island. Possessing an overabundance of varying environments from mountains, plains, rolling hills, lowland jungles, rainforests, wetlands, rivers, lakes and many protected national parks to adventure into, you can be assured of a surfeit of things to do and places to experience.

In addition, being a small island has the extra benefit of allowing you to traverse across each destination on your itinerary within just a few hours giving you the freedom to see and experience more within your holiday.

Blessed with an abundance of wildlife in a range of different environments, you can be assured of some magical moments up close and personal with the majestic creatures that inhabit this island namely the ‘big five’ – elephants, leopards, sloth bears, mugger crocodiles, and water buffalos.

Combining these offerings with high quality and mostly eco-friendly accommodation options and camp sites, with a range of value added activities such as traditional Ayurveda treatments, village experiences, and sumptuous and healthy local cuisine, makes this a true dream destination especially for you the adventurous traveller.

Be it a hike through the cloud forests of the central highlands, strolling through the ancient ruins of bygone kingdoms, white water rafting down the Kelani river, or reaching the summit of Adam’s Peak at sunrise and having your breath taken away by the vistas surrounding you, your holiday travels will never be the same again.



An Exciting Trip through Sri Lanka’s Wild Side.



Experience the Thrills of this Magical Island!



Wildlife And Adventure Tours

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